Five Years at Nile River School

From the very beginnings in 2011 the little ‘Nile River School’ on the banks of the life-giving Nile in Egypt has been steadily ‘flowing’ along its ideals of ‘decentralizing good educational practices’ from big cities to reach rural children. In a non-formal way children and the village get exposed to lots of friends, local and international volunteers, and benefit from the ‘unwritten curriculum’ of Nile River School.

Recently we have focused on STUVOL – student volunteers taking up trade training – we have a gardener who propagates plants, collects seeds, and packs them for sale, there is a painter who gets orders for her paintings, a carpenter who is happy to make tables, shelves and other wood work, a cement worker, another who is a cook and can prepare meals on order, another who makes flowers, a puppeteer, seamstress, and of course our group of young teachers who are running the kindergarten.

End of last year, the Manahyaha NGO that has been helping us for over one year started a community primary school in the village. We feel it is a continuation of our Nile River School in the all-round educational service to the village. In general the learning culture in the village of 150 families has been enhanced. The latest media attention of a dozen channels on our project has put this little village into the bigger map of Egypt. Over 50 students were invited to the CBC TV studio in Cairo.

The school has its own life flow and gets invigorated with volunteers who bring in their skills and talents. We are looking for long-term volunteers for a minimum of three months to be able to have a good impact. There is a new spacious room on top of the school building for volunteer accommodation. We can accommodate women and couples. Please contact