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Founding of Taiwan-India Cultural Educational and Economic Association

On May10th, 2017, in the presence of Dr. Shambhushivananda and at his initiative, “Taiwan-India Cultural, Educational and Economic Association” was founded by many key entrepreneurs, academicians and leaders of Taiwanese society.

Dr. Shambhushivananda and Dr. Peter Siao met with the Chancellor of National Chiao University, Frank Chang; Mayor Lai, of Tainan; the Mayor of Kanazawa Japan, Yukiyoshi Yamano; the Chairman of Taiwan-Japan Cultural and Economic Association, C. Y. Cheng; the Director General of Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Dr. Ti-Lin Kuo; the Chairman of Taoyuan Aerotropolis, Chairman Huang; the Deputy Director General of Hsinchu Science Park, Andrea Hsu,; the Founder of Accton, AJ Huang; Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, Director General Dr. R. D. Yang; and many other leaders, and motivated them to take Taiwan’s Southbound policy forward through concrete initiatives and build up relations among these two countries.
In India Dada met with the Chief Minister India Rajasthan State, and the Deputy Chief Minister India Punjab State among many others.

Shambhushivananda, Cheng Chi-Yao, Michael Chang, Owen Chi, Shi Cho Huang. Dr.Tai-lin Kuo of Tainan and Mayor of Tainan also sent their support towards this initiative.

Taiwan News

We have had regular training for Kids Yoga teachers throughout the island and there are now many of our teachers in schools and community centers. We also now have three Centers for Applied Neohumanism (CAN), in Southern, Central and Northern Taiwan. The latter place is about 50 acres, and will be operational by September this year. It will be similar to the Prama Center in Asheville, but for Neohumanism activities. We will have regular classes and programs in all three locations. Photos are from the Intermediate Kids Yoga Teacher Training.