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NHE Training by Tatjana Popov

NHE workshops were given in Campinas, Ubatuba, Pontal do Sul and Belo Horizonte , and a four-day intensive teacher training was held in Porto Alegre, by Tatjana Popov, director of Sunshine, a progressive school of early childhood education in Switzerland. The intensive was held at the Ananda Daksina MU from March 2-5th.

Organic pedagogy is seeing education as an organic process and not as a mechanical product. Education is subject to the cycles of life, the play of the fundamental factors of creation (air, water, ether, fire and earth) and eternal laws of Cosmic Intelligence. In this course the students explored three dimensions of internal and external interaction between an individual and the collective. Exactly there lies the field of education, linking personal potential development to the needs of society!

A small video documentation about one of the workshops can be found here: CURSO DE EDUCAÇÃO NEOHUMANISTA