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Vietnam – Fasting Camp
The Star of our show of Naturopathy

Massage Class
By Tran Thuy Ngoc

A sound mind needs a sound body; therefore, we often start the year with a program of detoxification, where fasting camp is the star, to illustrate the healing power of naturopathy. The first fasting camp this year fell on March 11 -12, the full moon days when the water in our body is at its highest level, an ideal time for fasting without much fatigue. Leaflets had been distributed to various yoga centers in Ho Chi Minh City a week before to inform people of the schedule in time to allow them to prepare to attend the camp. This time it was organized at Didi’s house, a small space, so the total number of participants was limited to 10.

Natural Facial Mask Class

The six steps of natural treatment were made clear to the students from the beginning: water, food, fasting, exercise, stimulation treatment and meditation, all of which were illustrated with classes on meditation, natural facial mask, jala neti (nose cleaning), fasting and food intertwined with asanas (yoga postures), massages and psychology games. People who had overcome sickness with a yogic healthy life style also came to class to present their experience: one with the thyroid gland removed, another with inflamed knees… looking at them, no one could imagine they had been seriously ill.

Seeing is believing. In the sharing at the end of the fasting camp, everyone said that fasting was not as terrible as they had imagined for they could undergo it without difficulty and felt like new healthy people after breaking fast. They recommended organizing fasting camps more regularly to make it popular. We did not promise but said we would make it a point in our annual load of work.