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  • Manilla Sector

    Manilla Sector Myanmar A new school has been started in Mynamar. The land and building are purchased and already they had 25 children on the first day. More are expected. Another school will be started in the near future also.

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  • Lotus Centre and School Ulan Bator , Mongolia

    Lotus Centre and School  Ulan Bator , Mongolia The Lotus Children’s Centre now cares for 140 children, and the Lotus School is now in its second year of running. The School educates 80 of the Lotus Children, from kindergarten to grade 4 (ages 3 to …

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  • Hong Kong Sector

    Hong Kong Sector Taiwan Dada Cidatmana conducted a Teacher Effectiveness Training program at the Amatyakul School for one week with 15 teachers. The program was composed of asanas (with kiirtan music), kaoshiiki, tandava, short spiritual philosophy and meditation (Baba Nam Kevalam). Bali New Children’s Home …

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  • Delhi Sector

    Delhi Sector Bhuvaneshavar, Orissa An NHE workshop was given by Ac. Priyakrsnananda Av. at the Conference of Democratic Education in Orissa in December 2004. Dada was accompanied by Dada Anvayananda and Didi Ananda Kaoshikii, SWWS Delhi sector. Ranchi Region A new school building was constructed …

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  • Manila Sector

    Manila Sector Malaysia By Dada Laliteshananda In Taiping Malaysia we had another teenagers camp on December 16, 17, 18th 2004. A group of 36 children attended the program. This time we focused on nature. The first day children were introduced to basic ecology concepts and …

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  • A Pair of Well-Matched Projects in Bangalore, India

    A Pair of Well-Matched Projects in Bangalore, India By Jody Wright Sometimes the best service projects work synergistically, supporting each other in a way that helps both grow and be strong. So it is with the Seva Dharma Mission Centre in Bangalore, India. The Centre …

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