CNS Croatia

“My First Book” Contest in Croatia
By Didi Anandarama

In this second round of the national contest we have received over 200 books from 35 places from all over Croatia. Some of last years contestants wrote again and made lots of improvement. Hemavati did a great job in fundraising for this project. We have received some funds from the Ministry of Education. The city of Karlovac also received a special recognition on a national level for this contest. The following are the winners and their stories:
1st Prize: ‘Potocici’ – Petar Pirizovic, an 8 year old writes about little people who live near a creek in mushrooms. When their king goes out of the country two giants invade their land and start to destroy their forest. The people feel helpless without their king. But the queen courageously steps forward and leads them to defeat the giants. When the king returns he is proud of the queen and all the Potocici and they have a great reason to celebrate. Petar used wonderful bold illustrations with lively colours and black outline which is very attractive.
2nd Prize: This prize is shared by two 10 year old twin sisters who each wrote a different story but with equally good story line and wonderful illustrations. We managed to combine the two stories into one book. Their parents were especially delighted about this.
‘Pothvat Slonice Ruzice’ – Aplolonija Lucic wrote a funny story how the elephants had small ears and the monkeys big ears and how the Pink Elephant with a bit of good luck achieved that now the elephants have big ears and the monkeys small ones. Aplolonija’s illustrations are beautifully fresh with nice colours. A very delightful book.‘Kaoko slatkisi postali slanisi i kiselisi’ – This story by Agata Lucic is also very funny but at the same time educative. She tells the story of a dentist lady who gives a big lesson to children so that they learn to brush their teeth and not have caries any more. Her illustrations are vivid and detailed in beautiful colours.
3rd Prize: ‘O coviku i tovaru’ Is a humorous story by Franka Marcina a 12 year old girl. The setting is the Dalmatian coast and an island in the Adria. A city boy is on holidays with his grandfather who is a retired captain. The boy brings with him attitudes of the city and learns the hard way to respect the simple life and the love of his grandfather for his donkey. The illustrations are graphically daring and go well with the story.As an extra edition we are publishing ‘Vilinski cvjetovi’ (Fairy’s Flowers) in Croatian which has the beautiful illustrations of Masa Lenuzzi who was one of the winners in last year’s contest.