CNS Taiwan

Taiwan Gurukula’s Work for year 2006 is divided into four parts:
I. Teacher training
1. Study group : Introduction to Human Dharma (every other week)
2. Study group: Yoga Psychology (third Sunday of the month)
3. Lectures by Dada Rasabuddhananda :
a. Master Unit
b. Natural Herb
c. Study on Birds. (third Sunday of the month)
4. Seminar: Neohumanist Education (every 6 months, in cooperation with Ananda Marga Preschool and Sarkar School)
5. Long meditation (every other month, in cooperation with Taipei Jagriti)
6. Nature exploration (once per month, in cooperation with Taipei Jagriti.) See report below.
7. Prabha’t Sam’giita choir (practice before every study group begins)
II. Service- volunteers are supporting:
1. Ananda Marga Kindergarten
2. Kids yoga class
III. Publications
1. Website
2. Newsletter online (seasonal)IV. Administration 
1. General work: contact lists – Jagrtis, margiis, participants in our activities; and personal caring of participants
2. Building Resource Library: books by Ananda Marga, other related books, free publications, resources used by study groups, lectures and seminars
Trip to Shan-Tain Lake, March 2006, by Sulekha
The trip to Shan-Tain Lake was our first outdoor activity this year. With no exceptions, every one had the “slipping” experience. When “slipping” is viewed as an integral part of the hike, the fear disappears, and you can face the experience with a balance mind. Later on, it actually became a helping force. At first, we thought we would get hurt from it, but on the contrary, it became one of best ways to go down the hill. It felt as if we going down on a sled, or skating, or water surfing. It became a fun activity. Sometimes, we were afraid of slipping because there seemed to be no way to stop. But in reality, we will always stop at some point. This is part of nature’s way. There is no non-stop slipping. At some point and some place, it will let you know when you need to stop; then you can stop. It is just like other experiences in life; when we walk downward, our mind will tell us when to stop and go forward. Nature provides us a great mechanism which brings peace and harmony into our mind. And it provides us with formless energy. It is great nature’s service to us. What we can payback is to protect and care for it in good ways, and keep it in an organic and harmonious state. Hiking is always a tiring thing for the physical body, but on the other hand, it is also training. It can also nourish our mind. Therefore, it’s perfectly suitable as part of Gurukula’s teacher training course, which includes all three parts: training of the body, mind and spirit.