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NHE Forum is an on-line discussion group for those interested in or working in NHE schools and projects. To join, please write to<>CNS Forum 
CNS-Forum is a format for the exchange of ideas among Neohumanist educators who are qualified and interested in higher education, beyond K-12. CNS-Forum provides an opportunity to help to develop the various departments and faculties of Ananda Marga Gurukula. If interested write to 
NHE Resources 
NHE Resources is a set of web-based resources for those working in NHE schools. It contains articles, information and classroom aides. If you would like to access these pages, please visit<>, and sign up for a login name and password.Distance Learning Programmes 
The two distance learning programmes for NHE teachers are both progressing with many students. The Neohumanist Diploma Programme is a one year or more in depth tuition programme, certifying the student as an NHE early childhood teacher. The Neohumanist Introductory Programme is a three month or more programme, with the option for certification as an NHE early childhood associate teacher. For more details see the description of Distance Learning Programmes at: <
Standards Available
Ananda Marga Gurukula Standards for kindergarten and primary schools are available. You may write to <> for a copy or you may download a copy directly from NHE Resources.NHE Introductory Program in Spanish
The NHE Introductory Programme is available in Spanish. To get an electronic copy either through e-mail or on a CD, please write to for Your Project 
Ananda Marga Gurukula offers a service to bring volunteers in contact with NHE schools and community projects, that are highlighted on the AMGK website. More info at the Gurukula website: under the tab <helping us>. If you would like to take part with your project in the Gurukula Volunteer Program, then please write to
mayadhiisagmail.comNew NHE Publications
Please see the publications page in this newsletter for details.

AMGK / NHE New Projects In Process

YES Manual 
Didi Anandarama is now compiling material for the YES manual for 6 to 10 year olds. She welcomes any thoughts, suggestions, approaches, songs, stories, art, drama, philosophy discussions, activities, etc. related to teaching all aspects of the limbs of Astaunga Yoga please from your own experiences working with children in this age group.

YES Spanish 
The YES Manual for 3-5 year olds is being translated into Spanish.

NHE Resources 
The NHE Resources are in the process of being redone with a wiki interface. Stay tuned.

Rainbow School Books 
Dada Caetanyananda’s books on education will be compiled on a CD and made available soon.

NHE Elementary Programme 
Work has begun on the NHE elementary level diploma programme.

NHE Diploma Programme

March 2007 – October 2009

The Baan Unrak Primary School in Sangklaburi Thailand , under Avtk. Ananda Anuraga Ac. as principal, is hosting the NHE Diploma Programme for Early Childhood, which will be expanded to include Primary Education. Didi and some of her teachers as well as teachers from others NHE schools will participate.The Diploma Programme is still a Distance Learning programme but there will be six two-week seminars at Baan Unrak School to support the students who are taking the course. Attendance is not required, but will be very helpful to those who can attend.The first seminar will be 26 March until 8 April 2007 and the second in October 2007. The other four seminars will be around the same time in 2008 and 2009.This programme is an opportunity for local teachers to work under a principal who will be their mentor as well as for those from other places who are starting on the Diploma Programme on their own. Those from other places can attend one or more seminars during this period according to their capacity. Those who are interested in the Diploma Programme please apply at

Participants will be able to discuss and experience and elaborate on practical methods and activities with the support of experienced facilitators.


26 March – 6 April, 2007

Module 1- Personal Development of the Teacher
Module 2 – Intellectual Development of the Teacher
Module 3 – Creative Development of the Teacher
Module 4 – Foundations of Holistic Education
Module 5 – Child Development

Practical activities related to the personal development of the teacher and Early Childhood and Primary education will be included.

NHE Conference
7-8 April, 2007

The Seminar will be followed by an NHE Conference that is open to all. More detailed programme will be announced as well as who the facilitators will be .

Please write to to register for either event.

The cost for the seminars including accommodation at the Baan Unrak School will be announced. This is in addition to the cost of the Diploma course for which you may apply for at

Organised by
Ananda Marga Gurukula

NHE Conference Taiwan , early March 2007

The NHE conference / ETC is a semi annual event in Taiwan where people working within the education field inTaiwan come together and train, share and learn more! We have a primary school and a kindergarten and many people doing kids yoga classes, summer camps, and educators from other schools and methods coming as well. Exact dates to be announced. For more information, please contact Didi Sananda: