MorningStar Preschool, Denver, Colorado, USA

By MahaJyoti Glassman, Director

Since its inception in 1988, this 10-hour-a-day preschool has been providing high quality education and enrichment experiences for 2 ½ to 5 year old children. MorningStar is closed for only 9 days every year and four teachers are lovingly interacting with the 29 kiddos Monday through Friday. The children enjoy literacy, math, and science activities as well as socio-emotional coaching, yoga, meditation, and kiirtan and FUN, FUN, FUN!

Relationship building is the essence of yoga and so MorningStar staff strive to also build relationships with every parent. Parent partnership is an integral part of early childhood education. Parents may have one or two children of preschool age in a lifespan whereas our staff has been working with this age group for 57 years! Sharing tools and brainstorming strategies with parents is a crucial part of setting a strong foundation for each child and family. We provide a parenting tips newsletter every month, 8 parent functions every year, and they are encouraged to drop by to volunteer or have lunch with us any time! Teachers send home monthly Progress Reports and are constantly emailing, taking photos, and texting the parents about their children’s successful adventures.

As November approaches, the school community will be engaging in at least 3 service projects. These can involve anything from donating school and bedding supplies for homeless girls, to providing personal items and toys for single homeless mothers with children, to donating school supplies for classrooms dedicated to autistic children, to assisting with disaster relief.

Always a joy, MorningStar currently possesses the highest academic rating of 4 stars in the State of Colorado.