Hong Kong Sector – Taiwan



PR Sarkar Memorial Museum and Neohumanist Training Center Taichung

With the magnanimity of Ms. Shih Chi Lin and Rutger Tamminga, we are able to undertake this new project under the auspices of PRSI and the PR Sarkar Centennial Committee. The architectural plans are complete and the process of applying for the building permit is going on. Construction is expected to start by the end of the year. It is located on a quiet street and close to transportation. There is also a parking lot nearby and the public garden is just across the street.

The three story building will host a permanent bi-lingual exhibition space, audio-visual center and library related to the thoughts of Shrii P R Sarkar, as well as a reception area, research room and digital-lab room. The upper floor will house seminar rooms, a meditation hall and supporting rooms. On the third floor will be permanent residential spaces for the owners, Gurukula Chancellor and overseas guests.

Gurukula Master Unit Ananda Jyoti

The construction of the Gurukula Master Unit– Ananda Jyoti– has been in full swing for the past few months. Shih Chi Lin, Rutger Tamminga and many volunteers joined together to create many aesthetic spaces on the land, located one hour north of Taipei. At the end of October fifty people attended a house warming. Current activities were introduced and future planning was discussed.