AMGK participates in Ecoversities Gathering

Swaraj University, Udaipur, India

Ananda Marga Gurukula was represented by Ac. Shambhushivananda Avt. and Dr. Sid Jordan (Acharya Vishvamitra) at the Ecoversities Alliance gathering in Udaipur to co-create alternative futures in higher education. The gathering, which took place October 8-14, 2018, was held at Swaraj University Campus (Tapovan Ashram and organic farm), nestled in the mountains in Udaipur, and was hosted by Shri Manish Jain, Shri Udi Mandel and their team. It attracted over 70 dreamers and activists of different radical higher education initiatives from over 25 different countries. The Ecoversities Alliance supports regional gatherings, faculty residencies, publications and films, collaborative projects and mentoring in its commitment to strengthening the growing movement of alternative universities around the planet.

Ecoversities as a movement along with Multiversities, Shikshantar Andolan, Eco-villages, Transition towns, Gurukulas, Organic Farms and scores of such other initiatives around the world are an attempt to free ‘learning spaces’ from the established institutions of ‘thought control and monoculture of the mind’ and based on the foundation of ‘gift-culture’.

Some of the key principles are as follows:

  • Liberate the vision and understanding of learning-sharing-doing-being from the walls of factory-schooling, and develop learning spaces and opportunities that free the full potential of human beings.
  • No degrees or diplomas are required to create our own learning communities —only an honest commitment to make oneself vulnerable to the inspiring and interconnected processes of Life. The alliance is committed to reimagining higher education.
  • The ecoversities movement goes beyond the mainstream, acknowledging multiple streams of knowledge and praxis. It is also committed to shifting from deadlihoods careers to alivehoods regenerative careers and from globalized economies to localization.

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