Studio Renaissance

A global non-profit movement to restore art as the dynamo of social unity and cultural enlightenment.

By Divyendu Anand

Studio Renaissance provides a global platform for artists and writers to express themselves and supplies every possible support and encouragement for their creative endeavour. Studio Renaissance also encourages Artists/Writers to work unitedly towards the common goal of the welfare of human society.

Our dream of a joyful and peaceful life on planet earth is withering away as we find ourselves in the grip of a profound crisis, complex and multi-dimensional, that touches every aspect of our lives—health and work, environment and social relations, economy, technology and politics. The cure to the crisis is the paradigm shift in perception from a fragmented worldview to the Oneness, from crude to sublime. This will only happen with awareness and transformation at the global scale. And on this journey, the role of gifted artists and writers is indispensable. Artists & writers certainly need a lot of support and encouragement to play this critical role in building the roadmap to the new world. Studio renaissance is one such platform which is here to support the gifted artists and writers. Nature has endowed artists

and writers with subtle senses, hence their creations can touch the inner recess of human minds and bestow sublime joy that all are seeking. The world can become selfish, negative and chaotic if artists reflect the same through their actions and creations. Similarly, the world can become a heaven if artists and writers express the message of pure love and oneness and impart pure joy through their creations.

Studio Renaissance believes that the role of art should be the collective welfare of humanity, not just for any individual or group. Like any other profession, the art should fulfil the certain need of society which is to bestow joy to all. In every stratum of life, in every small action, human beings seek joy. Hence the role of artist and writers is to bestow joy and bliss to all through their creations.

TANDAVA The Primordial Dance
LALITA MARMIKA The voice of the Inner Spirit

As per Studio Renaissance, the role of the artists in the current world should be:

  1. To express the lopsided justice in the society
  2. To present the solution to the pressing problems with a benevolent mind, through their creations
  3. To lead humanity towards Oneness, through their creations
  4. To impart cardinal values through art and literature
  5. To impart sublime joy to all through their creations

Studio Renaissance envisions a New-Artistic Renaissance where artists and writers work together as servant leaders of society to remove all divisions, bring oneness, reunite our global family and radiate this joy through their creations. Its mission is to make inner and outer worlds beautiful and bestow sublime joy to all.

Aims and Objectives of Studio Renaissance

  • Carry out extensive research on the Science of Aesthetics and use it for all-round development and welfare of humanity
  • Research, review and re-create history for social unity and cultural enlightenment
  • Impart values and share intellectual knowledge for individual and collective progress
  • Support and promote artists and writers through various programmes and projects

Amidst this scenario, Studio Renaissance aims to create art that provides a much needed pause and opens up mind space for reflection and rumination. All artists at our studio work with the design philosophy that is informed by strands of art, science and spirituality. Hundreds of years before modern neuroscience put this in medical journals, master painters created works that gave viewers an intense experience, summoning emotions of sublimity and calm. We follow in the footsteps of these great masters to create art that evokes hope, peace and calm in a world struggling to slow down. Our work goes out in hope that it touches people, moves them and provides for a sanctuary in their existing space, be it work or home. Lastly we believe that art can advocate for a life of good thoughts and intentions and can provide the means for reaching a higher truth. It can ultimately promote social change through a feeling that spurs thinking, engagement, and even action.

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