The Revival of AMAYE

By Dada Vishvarupananda and Sumati Brekke

Participants at a yoga teacher training in Brazil honoring the setting sun

AMAYE (Association of Ananda Marga Yoga Educators) has been revived with the objective of creating a sharing network of educators who want to develop each other’s capacity; and spread the yoga teachings of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti into the world.

After our first round of invitations, we now have over 45 confirmed members worldwide with expertise in various topics – and surely more to come! At the request of those members, we have set up a mailing list and discussion forum, and have started the process of reviewing our teacher training manual and standardizing steps of practice for Ananda Marga asanas. We have also published the first AMAYE newsletter, which can be viewed at

Members of AMAYE will be meeting at the forthcoming Gurukula conference in Italy: to discuss the implementation of our strategic plan that includes strengthening our network of educators through discussions and conferences, developing an upgraded web site, better defining our Yoga “brand,” and creating high quality publications.

We invite you to become part of the network. Please sign up through the above newsletter link.
For further communication, contact us at