Nile River School, Egypt

The ancient River Nile silently flows through the desert of Egypt, feeding 80 million people before merging into the lotus delta of the Mediterranean Sea. In a small friendly village we joined efforts in the spirit of decentralizing good educational practices to the rural area and support the education of the children with kindergarten classes and after school activities. With the help of young people from the village we started by building a small hut where we keep our educational materials. There are more than 60 children eager to be part of our school project and a small team to run the school. We are aiming at designing and building the “Nile River School” with local participation, not only with the villagers but also with the youth and children. We invite you to be part of this project by your support from near and far, by volunteering and by visiting us. Thank you very much! The Nile River School team.