Education and Health Centre in Syria

Salaam - Peace

Salaam – Peace

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Education and Health Centre in Syria

By Didi Anandarama


For the past eight years Didi Ananda Rainjana has volunteered in the communities in Syria educating local women and supporting alternative health practices, preventive cures, natural remedies and healthy life style. Hundreds of women and children benefitted and a large group of local volunteers organized themselves for extending the services to several cities and villages in the country. The activities include yoga for children, creativity, music and art classes, various courses and health education of women in villages.


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A determined group of local professional women teachers, doctors, nurses and social workers are coordinating their efforts and putting their plan forward of establishing a multipurpose education and health center for women and children. They want to call it “Salaam – Peace” to send a message out along with their goodwill and determined action.

The proposed center will be located on 5 acres of land. The centre in its first phase will have a three storey building surrounded by ecologically designed vegetable and herb gardens, an orchard and a playground for children.

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The Centre on the ground floor will have a kindergarten for 120 children. The second floor will have the health care center with 4 rooms and a hall for educational training of teachers, parents and give various other courses on health and education. The third floor will have offices and dormitories for women teachers and health

We appeal for your kind patronage, friendship and support in making this project a dream come true in a place where struggle and strife are ever looming and darkening the free sky. This is truly a ray of hope that promises to send out ripples of positivity far and wide. This will be possible only with your support. Please make checks payable to Ananda Marga Gurukula (Salaam) and send to AMGK Liason Office 146 Honness Lane, Ithaca, NY 14850, USA.