Neohumanist Education Conference

K-12 Curriculum

April 11-14, 2009

An International Conference

Hosted by Ananda Marga River School, Melany, Australia

We are very happy to announce an NHE Conference hosted by the Ananda Marga River School in Australia to be held April 11-14, 2009. The focus of the conference will be K -12 Curriculum. We are inviting all schools principals, teachers and educators and all other interested individuals to bring and share their best practices, innovations, ideas and successful achievements to help us to compile our NHE K-12 Curriculum that can then be transmitted to other new and developing schools. This is also a golden opportunity for those who intend to expand their Kindergartens to Primary Schools to join, and learn about the NHE curriculum and how to run a successful school utilizing NHE methodology. We are hoping that people involved in NHE from near and far will attend, to share, collaborate, and bring NHE to the next level

This event is inspired by the NHE seminars that have been taking place at the Baan Unrak School in Thailand and their exchange with the River School. There will be teacher training activities taking place at the River School, starting at the end of March, with some teachers from Thailand. The NHE Conference is a natural extension of this concentrated educational energy. There will also be administration training April 6-8 by Prabha who is preparing a manual for school administrators.

We are looking forward to coordinating with all the inspiring educational activities of Suva Sector, and will have a unique opportunity to observe and learn from two elementary schools, the Vistara School and the River School, as well as the Melbourne Preschool.

Participants who would like to give a presentation on a specific aspect of their curriculum, or introduce their school curriculum are welcome to submit their abstract by December 1st and their paper by March 1st. If you are interested in helping to organize, presenting at, or simply attending this event, please contact us.

Pre- Conference Programme

March 23 to 27 – Possible Observations at Ananda Marga
River School and Ananda Marga Vistara School

March 28, 29 – Seminar with visiting teachers
March 30 to April 3 – Training on Education for
Sustainable Development.

April 4, 5 – Sightseeing
April 6 to 8 – Administration Training with Prabha
April 11-14 NHE Conference

Conference Programme

Morning – Presentations
Afternoon – Workshops
Evening – School presentations

For more information please contact us at:

Photos from Sunrise Preschool, Melbourne, Australia and Baan Unrak School, Sangklaburi, Thailand