CNS Sweden

Special Training Workshop for NGO Workers, Sweden


Community Organizing Workshop

Ydrefors, Sweden, June 26-28th

Mahadeva's workshop

This 18 hour workshop introduced students to basic knowledge of social work, NGO management and economic liberation. It was led by Dada Shiilabhadrananda and Mahadeva from Croatia.

The first day included a theoretical introduction of community organizing and social work practices in comparison with some basic PROUT elements. The second day included training in NGO management. The third day included training in economic liberation and methods of cooperating with social programs for local community development.

Mahadeva's workshop

NHE Futures Conference

From July 11- 25th, 2008, CNS Sweden was host to three programs falling under the theme of “Building Neohumanist Futures.” Education for Sustainable Development and Neohumanist Futures (July 11-14), Building a Neohumanist University (July 16-18), and Yoga Educators Conference (July 20-25). For details, please see full article in this issue.