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 Centers Go On Increasing Around the World Annual Naturopathy Training Coming Up

Naturopathy really works, even though it is a very simple system! This is the on-going experience of our in-patient centers around the globe, all of which are affiliated with the Naturopathy Faculty of Ananda Marga Gurukula. These centers continue to grow in number and quality. We have seen that nearly all the people who come for treatment of at least a week or more are getting real benefit in their physical health and mental well-being. And we treat a wide range of chronic conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, stubborn skin diseases, hyper-acidity, cancer in its initial stages, and so many others, even serious kidney problems.

For example, here’s a case which was extremely challenging for us in our Ananda Nagar, India center. The patient underwent our program nearly a year ago – so you can understand the long-term benefit. She was suffering from a nerve condition similar to Parkinson’s disease. She had been shaking nearly continuously for many months, was very depressed, and almost completely bed-ridden. Within three weeks of doing our yoga detox program, she radically improved and went home. Her condition went on improving to a meaningful extent, and though she is not fully cured, she is fully functional, and has been very happy ever since.

At present we have four very active centers. The first opened 11 years ago in Maharlika (Philippines), second in North Carolina (USA), third in India, and the most recent in Taiwan. Another one, albeit running along somewhat different lines, will open soon in Bali. The annual one-month training has produced a good number of graduates, many of whom are making programs in different countries – for example regular programs go on in Australia, South Africa, Mexico and Brazil.

As for the annual one-month training, the next one will be held in February 2017, as always in the original center in Cebu, Maharlika. The last few years it has invariably been full, with more than a dozen trainees each time coming from all the continents. Why is the training so popular?

  • though our ideas and practices tip much of suppressive medical science on its head, naturopathy is relatively simple to understand and thoroughly practicable
  • training is not only theoretical and skill-enabling, it’s also fun and exciting
  • the daily yoga and meditation sessions create a strong inspiring flow which even senior meditators often feel is helpful to deepening their practice
  • although the food is generally detoxing, it is surprisingly delicious and the cooking methods are easy to learn.

For more details about treatment see or write to . If you are interested in training, please contact Dada Dharmavedananda


What is the Root Cause of Most Diseases?

When the amount of internal waste products exceeds our normal capacity for expelling them through stool, urine, sweat and breath – then the body treats them as toxins, and resorts to extra-ordinary methods in response. The body may, for example:

  • produce excess mucous or skin excretions to cleanse itself
  • create inflammation to attract healing blood or serve as an alarm
  • isolate and store dangerous toxins in internal organs, fatty swellings or even tumors
How does the level of toxins within us become so great?

Over time, our internal organs and digestion become weak due to harmful unnatural lifestyle habits like consuming difficult-to-digest food, lack of sufficient water and exercise. Environmental factors can also play a role.

The mind is an equally fundamental cause of disease.

Depression, anxiety, fear and other negative thinking is reflected in every cell of the body. Any problem of the mind is also in the body, and vice-versa.

Master Your Own Health!

Taking only easily digestible food and liquid, puts the body into cleansing mode. A consciously chosen diet along with yoga, meditation and natural treatments allows us to free ourselves from long-held physical toxins and psychic tensions. Disease disappears. Then taking good nutrition, the body easily assimilates it, and strength returns. Yes it is simple, but so true!