New Album: The Pillars of Yoga: Yama- Niyama Songs

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By Dada Veda

On this album Dada took up the task of describing the basic ethical principles of yoga in song. Each of the Yamas (guidelines for getting in harmony with the world around us) and the Niyamas (guidelines for reaching inner harmony) have been expressed in catchy folk songs. Dada is joined on this album by guitarist Nick Rudd, singer Shasta Homel, and producer, bassist, and percussionist Cayden Wood.

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Yama Songs (Harmony with the World)

1. Be Kind to Everyone
2. The Light of Truth
3. Don’t Take It
4. I See Your Smile
5. Do I Need It?

Niyama Songs (Inner Purification)

6. Squeaky Clean
7. The Secret of It Al
8. I Know I Must
9. Make It One With You
10. The One True Love