New Songs for Quiet Time

From Progressive School of Long Island

Eric Jacobson, the Director of the Progressive School, has been writing songs for Quiet Time for over 25 years. These songs are used to teach philosophy and inspire young people. The songs are sung collectively and lead into Baba Nam Kevalam meditation. Afterwards their meaning is discussed. One of their latest songs focused on developing a peaceful mind and discussion included tips such as:

  • Don’t worry – the force that guides the stars is guiding you too.
  • Find the good in everything that happens and in everyone you meet.
  • Be content with what you have and with what happens by practicing feeling gratitude every day.

Here is a link to four of the songs from Progressive School’s Quiet Time. They usually just sing the first verse with younger children. The songs are called:

  • What is Love,
  • Shining Sea,
  • The Force that Guides Us,
  • Lonely Tree.

Check back in a month and you will find, “Be Kind and Have a Peaceful Mind” added to the list.