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Ananda Marga Gurukula

  • Ongoing Programmes and Announcements
  • On Ethical Dilemmas
  • Reports from AMGK Affiliates
  • Ananda Marga College, India
  • Ananda Marga Polytechnic, India
  • Multitherapy Health Center, India
  • CNS Sweden
  • CNS Croatia
  • CNS Asheville, USA
  • Yoga Academy, Singapore
  • Natural Hospital Fountain of Life, Finland
  • Prout Research Institute, Venezuela
  • Prout College, Australia

Sustainable Development Events and Projects

  • Interculturality and Sustainability
  • Centro Madre, Venezuela
  • Pedagogy for Sustainable Development

NHE Conferences and Seminars

  • NHE West Africa Seminar, Ghana
  • Teacher Training, Haiti
  • Teacher Training, India

NHE Studies

  • What is the Foundational Layer of NHE?
  • NHE Child Development

NHE Schools and Projects in Focus

  • Child Centres, Myanmar
  • YogaTouch, Taiwan
  • Creating the S.E.L.F. Program, Denmark



Global NHE News

Winners of My First Book Contest, with Sanja Pilic, children’s author – click picture for story