Natural Hospital Fountain of Life (Luontaissairaala Elamanlahde)

Helsinki Finland

by Sauli Siekkinen

On May 5, 2009 we had the founding meeting of Luontaissairaala Elamanlahde (Natural Hospital Fountain of Life). The registration process was completed on 21st Oct. 2009. We have currently 15 members, including me as doctor-in charge, nurse, nutrition therapist, zone therapist, several manual therapists and reiki therapists. We had our first detox week from 23th to 30th October, and it was a great success; we had 10 patients and all of them were satisfied. We are currently working on establishing a curriculum for manual therapy, and this will be our first training program.

I have been giving consultations on yoga therapy, and in the future the nutrition therapist will assist me as she also knows ayurveda. Luontaissairaala Elamanlahde is intended to be a multi-therapy holistic healthcare center. When we develop the new program in Yogic Medicine in our Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, this Luontaissairaala Elamanlahde will serve as a teaching hospital for this new medical system.