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  • Waste Not – Want Not – by Brian Ragbourn

    Waste Not – Want Not by Brian Ragbourn, PhD Newcomers to my kitchen occasionally ask, “Where’s the bin?” and are surprised to learn “There isn’t one.” Compostables go in the outside privy, combustibles get burnt in the wood-burning stove, and any jar or container gets …

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  • Agro Forestry and Silvo Pasture

    Agro-forestry & Silvo-pasture: the future of food and restorative land management by James Geoffrey Steen The rate of social change is unimaginably rapid. Take the example of electricity: lights, trains, the internet, mobile phones & refrigeration. Less than a hundred years ago, most of the …

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  • An Edible Forest Garden in Ireland

    Greenhouse was constructed with local stones and recycled windows and car windscreens An Edible Forest Garden Forest Garden Conversion in Ireland By Brian Ragbourn Ph.D It was not an intention to forego material comforts for a life with no electricity or running water that inspired …

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  • Sacred Activism for a Sustainable Future – Gurukula-Cellenium Global Partnership

    Sacred Activism for a Sustainable Future Gurukula-Cellenium Global Partnership By Dr. Shambhushivananda We stand today at the crossroads of a fossil fuel driven age versus the renewable energy age. The former evokes the fears of conflicts and wars, scarcities and a future ridden with competition …

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  • Middle Path Scenario for Asia’s Future

    Middle Path Scenario for Asia’s Future A Spiritual Perspective by Ac. Shambhushivananda Avt. Summary of the paper presented at an international conference entitled “Global Transitions and Asia 2060: Climate, Political-Economy, and Identity” in November 2010 at Tamkang University. The objective of the conference was to …

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  • Meetings with Center for Environmental Education

    Meetings with Center for Environmental Education Ahmedabad, India Kulapati met with Mrs. Rajeswari Gorana from the Center for Environmental (Education (CEE) in Ahmedabad and and Dr. Kiran Chhokar from CEE Delhi Office) and Editor of Journal of Education for Sustainable Development. CEE offered to share …

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  • Intercultural Sustainability Workshop

    Intercultural Sustainability Workshop Ljungskile, Sweden, June 18-19, 2011 Under the auspices of Intercultural Sustainability Network and Swedish Academy of Sustainability, a workshop was held in Ljungskile and University West, located in Ed, Western Sweden in June. Dr. Marcus Bussey and Dr. Dada Shambhushivananda were among …

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  • The Future Model of Eco-Villages

    The Future Model of Eco-Villages By Ac. Shambhushivananda Avt. with Khun Krisada Kampanatsanyakorn and Khun Piriyathep Kanchanadul It is common knowledge that the way we live our lives today is highly unsustainable. As the population of the world increases even further, the stress on the …

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  • Neohumanism in Action

    Neohumanism in Action Creating a Cooperative Spiritual Community By Ac Vishvamitra Recently I received an invitation to Caracas Venezuela to offer some consultation to the whole time workers of Ananda Marga there and to give a workshop to the general members of Ananda Marga. Since …

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  • Master Unit Ananda Vasundhara, Brasília, Brazil

    Master Unit Ananda Vasundhara Brasília, Brazil By Didi Aradhana Starting, planning, working… It has been almost 2 years since the beginning of our new master unit in Brazil; starting from scratch, creating a vision, and developing the Master Unit. In this article I would like …

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