Juei-Ai Center, Taichung, Taiwan

By Rutger Tamminga

NHE Teacher Education

During the months of December 2020 to February 2021, we had our first ever introductory Neohumanist Teacher Training, at Juei-Ai Yoga Center in Taichung. This twelve-day program was attended by ten people, who learned about the NHE philosophy, the main aspects of an NHE school, several examples of NHE curricula, kids yoga and meditation for children, and how to train teachers. It was the first time to do this on a completely NHE platform. Though the course was well received, I observed special interest in the concept of Teacher Circles, where I offered a framework for teachers to improve themselves through colleague to colleague discussion. The ‘Five steps to better teaching’ which included honoring pure consciousness, self-knowledge and self-management as the first steps, was appreciated as a practical tool for self-transformation by the teachers themselves.

Ecology of Joy

The Ecology of Joy program at Juei-ai has been going on regularly on Saturdays. Its main focus is on learning to appreciate life by changing our attitude. Dada Caetanyananda conducts the classes and has developed a syllabus of several hundred stories that go along with the classes. He hopes to put these online.

Yoga Teacher Training

In the meantime, teacher training on weekends has also been on-going in Taichung (pictured left). We just completed a teacher training for yoga for children with special needs in Taipei. Here we also introduced marma massage. There is a weekly teacher training on the Circle of Love, with ten teachers. Then there is Baby Yoga teacher training too.

Earth Lovers Family You Tube Channel

In the coming months we hope to make these programs available online. So far we have done some recording on YouTube, under the Earth Lovers Family channel. In the coming months we aim to do more. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW91paE6wJ2hXhWOtQyJ5rw

There is a lot going on here in Taiwan, but actually it is all about one thing: making people more aware about the beauty and application of Neohumanist Education.