Where dynamism joins the sublime

By Michela Urbani

Inspired by the guiding principle of education “Sa Vidya ya Vimuktaye”- true education leads to liberation – the Turbomandala project was born in Italy with the aim of pushing human knowledge toward infinite horizons. The goal we have set ourselves as a team is to share the kind of knowledge that allows people to understand what the purpose and goal of their life are and how it is possible to live a balanced life in harmony with a world in constant change.

Through an online course platform that can be visited from the website www.turbomandala.it, it is possible to access a series of courses that aim at gradual development of the person: it starts with information, and then moves on to theoretical and practical training that can lead to a real personal transformation. And it is precisely this transformation that can take place when we bear in mind what the ultimate goal of our life is: self-realization, the knowledge of our deepest self.

Training that takes into consideration human development on all its physical, mental and spiritual levels is the first step in building a society that can achieve progress. Our courses take into consideration every aspect of advanced human development: universal philosophy, spiritual practice, social vision, socioeconomic vision, scriptures and preceptor.

Just as a physical structure is supported by a psychic structure, the psychic structure also must be supported by a practical spiritual philosophy. This allows human beings to move in the right direction. However, philosophy should be put into practice through a system of physical, mental and spiritual practices that lead to the sublimation of matter into the psychic realm and eventually, into pure consciousness. The highest levels of human development cannot be reached only by dedicating ourselves to self-realization but also require an individual to develop a social vision that recognizes the existence of a single indivisible human society and works towards the protection of all animate and inanimate entities on the planet. Hence the urgent need to create an equitable socio-economic system that guarantees people the right to live in a congenial environment and to develop. Social, philosophical and spiritual writings represent an authority regarding the ideology to follow and are embodied by the preceptor who sets an example in the form of a benevolent leader.

Our project has just started thanks to a team made up entirely of volunteers who make their time and skills available and who try to improve themselves every day with a lot of enthusiasm and willingness to learn. We are animated by a healthy
realism and universal idealism as well as by a sense of responsibility and a spirit of service. The whole world today is in a state of suffering and it is up to us to help with our living example.

Currently the first two courses, dedicated to balanced economy (economy for all) and social vision (one human society – human society is one and indivisible), are active and many others are on the way

At the moment our website is only available in Italian but in the future, it may also be available in English so that we can collaborate with many more people and expand our team. We invite you to visit our website, www.turbomandala.it, and feel free to contact us if you feel inspired to support our project.