CNS Sweden

Chiara Mariotti

January 1st

New Years program

February 6th

Chiara Mariotti gave a presentation on Yoga Anatomy and Practice.

Ongoing Programs from January to June

•   A Course on “Swedish for Trainees” by Brother Tapasvii

•   50th Anniversary of PROUT “World in Transition” – Monthly Seminars

•   Yoga, Bio-Psychology and Intuitional Science Workshops

•   NHE Workshops

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March 7th

Dada Karunamaya gave a presentation on Eco Villages (Master Units).

April 4th

CNS Sweden offered a special audience to the students of Smoland Kisa Medical Centre and a school from Tranas sent their students to explore the spiritual and social philosophy being taught at CNS Sweden.

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April 9-12

Easter Seminar

During the Easter seminar, Dr. Sauli Siekkinen spoke on Yogic Science; Dada Shambhushivananda spoke on “Our Future “, Ravi and Acharya Annapurna Brcii. spoke on “Relevance of PROUT in the current crisis”. On the occasion of 50th anniversary of PROUT, 40 participants had deep discussions on issues related to the spiritual and social transformation of the planet. Kris Dekan (USA) and Prabhakar (India) entertained everyone with their wonderful music.

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Upcoming Programs

July 14-19

Third Annual Yoga Educators Conference

July 25-27

Furthering Insights into Shrii P.R. Sarkar’s Visions

In other news

A Montréal film maker, Sylvie Van Brabant of Rapide Blanc Productions, has prepared a half hour DVD on the philosophy of CNS Sweden and the life of students at Ydrefors.