The Role of Ananda Marga Gurukula University

Our Mission in Society

by Ac. Dhanjoo N. GhistaAc. Dhanjoo N. Ghista

I. Our Mission in Society is far-reaching and includes:

1. Provision of social-economic-living security,

2. Third World development and alleviation of poverty, starvation and disease, through implementation of Prout framework,

3. Bringing relief to marginalised, persecuted, refugee communities (such as in Sudan),

4. Development of grassroots people-centred socio-economic-political system, constitutional and governance forums,

5. Providing neohumanist education and universal healthcare,

6. Making spirituality available to all, as an inalienable human right,

7. Delineation of a comprehensive charter of constitutional human rights and social justice,

8. Inter-ethnic disputes resolution (such as in Sri Lanka & Palestine) and bringing refugee communities into societal main stream,

9. Development of a neohumanist civilization,

10. Establishing a template for sustainable local, regional and global peace.

These roles are implicit in our Ananda Marga Gurukula vision and mission statements.

II. The Roles of Ananda Marga Gurukula University, in Ananda Marga and Society, include academic support in:

1. Providing Neohumanist Education in all disciplines (ranging from spiritual science & humanities to medicine & law);

2. Conducting research on Prout, Microvita, Master Units, Prabhat Samgiita, Sadhana and Intuitional Science;

3. Laying the foundation of a neohumanist global society, free from narrow sentiments;

4. Formulating a grassroots economic-democratic system (without political parties);

5. Developing a mechanism for preventing inter-ethnic strife and marginalised communities;

6. Eliminating poverty and destitution, and providing dignified living for all the people of the world;

7. Developing a charter of constitutional human rights and social justice;

8. Developing a mechanism for providing living and spiritual security for all the people of the world,

9. Setting up functionally sustainable communities and regional self-reliant unions (like the European Union),

10. Formulating the structure of world government parliament and constitution

Professor Dhanjoo N Ghista (PhD, Stanford University) is a world authority in Biomedical engineering-physics, Healthcare engineering- management, and Community-development science. Additionally, he has pioneered the fields of Sustainable Community development, Neo-humanistic Politicization and Equitable Globalization.