Nairobi Sector

Some of the students

Nairobi Sector


By Ac. Pavanananda

Our School is continuing to grow. From the 35 children we had when I arrived more than a year ago now we have 120 children. I managed to trace a former Pre-School child at our school and this is what she said:

Mary Kabuyi Liyambo.

“My name is Mary Kabuyi Liyambo. I am 30 years old. I live in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. The main aim of writing this to you is to inform that Ananda Marga Nursery and Pre School was a very good school and we need it to expand for our community. It helped a lot of people. It made some of us to be what we are now. As I am writing this I am working for the High Court of Zambia. I am not the only one who was at this school in my family but 4 brothers and 2 sisters. I was at this school from 1983 to 1985 (two years). We need this school to expand and continue to grow so that our children could also benefit from it. This will make me so grateful.


students & volunteers VOLUNTEER PRINCIPAL OF SCHOOL NEEDED. Must have knowledge of Neo humanist Education and should be able to work here for a good period of time. Should be able to maintain himself / herself and be able to raise funds for the school.

Lome, Togo

Ecole Privee Neo-Humaniste

Ecole Privee Neo-Humaniste

The AMSAI School at our master unit in Lome, Togo has dynamically expanded. In the past eight months Dada Tanmaya has arranged and supervised construction of four more classrooms, toilets and a water storage tank (to catch and hold rainwater). Approximately 130 children are attending.

The school requires further development. Existing classrooms are yet to be plastered and painted; ceilings and electrical wiring are not yet installed. Books and materials are lacking, most teachers have only one text book for their classroom. An office room and store room needs to be built; a signboard is needed.

Support for the school has come from AMURT Italy, Foundation Emanuele Antola and from a donor in the USA. The Emmanuele Antola Foundation just granted $1,000 for desks and furniture.

With support from a Togolese woman now in France, brother Murari arranged construction of a traditional village-style hut with thatched roof. The space was built to hold classes twice weekly on traditional dance, music and culture, especially for the school children.