DAY TWO : NHE Global Conference, Australia

Subjective Approach and Objective Adjustment:

Neohumanist approaches to all round personal development

Maleny, Australia, Dr. Marcus Bussy

Dr. Marcus Bussey introduced this session: There is me (WHO) the person on a neohumanist journey in alignment with philosophy (WHY) and life’s activities (WHAT). The HOW – the doing is the cultivating our life field. On this conscious journey the Subjective Approach opens up the heart – it is the ‘Cult’ – the practice is a process of alignment of inner and outer. Therefore as you open the door when you enter a school such as Vistara School or Sunrise School you encounter a positive microvita energy.

When I wanted to get my PhD in Neohumanism I was asked “What is Neohumanism?” I couldn’t reply in any concise way and so my personal story started. I went to the university, worked patiently, and chanted and meditated to align. We need to cultivate a devotional sentiment in life if we choose to be aligned with principles. As you apply philosophy you start shifting the collective mind. Resonating the alignment is a subjective internalization process. In this blend of inner and outer, Neohumanism in one’s life becomes a mission. With a sense of mission it is hard to feel depressed. As I teach kids “I never let my heart fall into darkness.” Neohumanism is infectiously happy. Mission helps maintain a balance in the midst of the day to day struggle of a school, or any other project.

The discussion that followed included:
Teachers need more clarity on philosophical points to be able to use them. There is a need for Neohumanist teachers training for personal development and to get a good grounding in the philosophy.
Parents and teachers need to be educated in philosophy.
There needs to be inclusiveness and exchange between schools.
STUVOL activities that support personal development are needed.

Aesthetics in Neohumanist Education

This session began with a surprise musical performance on the flute of a piece from Bach by Bhaktaviirya and Shivani. Marcus Bussey started the discussion by saying that children from the moment of conception are open to music. Music opens up the minds of children. He shared a personal story as a teacher when he began to teach guitar and flute to a few of his students. Before long, 80% of the students in the school became interested and learned how to play. They were always playing. What he learned from this was that children loved the sound of the pure notes of the guitar and flute and that music broke down barriers. The children also became more engaged in their whole school learning. Eric Jacobson added that the artist through art practices can go beyond the mundane world, beautifying and enhancing the space we live in. The most important person in school is the music teacher. Second important is the art and drama teacher. They set the aesthetic tone of the school.

Marcus continued to elaborate that Neohumanism is loving stamina and all will be achieved in good time. What is the energy behind it? Joy. Cultural practices bring that subtlety with them. We are dancing to a universal rhythm. Each school radiates energy. The entire aesthetics is the only charming thing in life. It is about synthesis, expanding the circle, our relationship with the subtle. That subtle take us on a journey. Our identities are threatened when we take on something revolutionary. We are a practicing cult all the time. Aesthetics science is at the heart of all knowledge.

For example Eric’s song “What if life were a circle…” can be used for curriculum practices. Take some aspect of this song – how can we use this as a lead into a lesson? What kind of product can you draw from this? How do you bring that subtle energy into the school or cultivate aesthetic science into the school or home? A group discussion followed.

What if life were a circle…
To hold every one we love?Keep them safe…
And so happy…
Would I be inside your circle?Can you grow it?
Is your heart big enough?
Let more in it—Tell me …
What of the creatures?
the flowers, the trees…
Or the fragrance on the breeze?
Can you tell me, would I be inside your circle?What if God… Drew a circle…
To hold everyone He loves?Just how big would He make it…
Could it go around the world?

Or even greater?
Could the whole universe
fit inside His cosmic circle?

What if we could…
Draw a circle like that…
Could we know the heart of God?
Can you tell me, could we know the heart of God?