Delhi Sector

Madhepura, India

A new Neohumanist school opened in Bihar recently. The school session began in March 2010, in a rented facility in the town of Madhepura. The school has been named “Neo-Humanistic school, Madhepura”. This school is practicing Neohumanistic philosophy and curriculum. The teachers of the school have attended two sessions of NHE training. An ongoing refresher course of NHE is planned to be conducted twice a year. As of now 125 students have been admitted to the school. There has been a good response from the local parents and admissions are open. The director of the school is Shrii Shailesh Kumaar, He is himself a dedicated teacher. The head academy teacher of the school is Shrii Ganesh Kumar. He is also a renowned teacher. He started his career at the A’nanda Palli School of A’nanda Ma’rga 47 years ago. He is now 68 years old and teaches English, Samskrta and Mathematics.
(News and photos by Acarya Kishan Sood.)

Hetauda Nepal

The AMSAI School has nearly 300 students with classes up to grade eight. The children’s home has 13 boys and three senior boys are attending college and teaching in the AMSAI. One senior homeboy is managing a new AMSAI school in a remote village in Sarlahi district.