Manila Sector

Lampang, Thailand


Dada Shambhushivananda and Didi Anudhyana visit the Lampang School in Thailand, run by Nuntaka.

Sangklaburi, Thailand
Baan Unrak School

By Didi Ananda Anuraga

In December we had the yearly ‘Don’t litter program’. This is a one day program our school does every year to raise consciousness about the environment. On this day many schools in the area send some of their students to participate in cleaning up litter of the entire Sangklaburi village.

This year I went to the schools ahead of the day with small groups of our students. We first introduced the topic to the other students with song and posters and recycled work from our school and other schools. Then the students were asked to make a drawing each on how to help reduce litter in Sangklaburi. The students were also asked to write a line or two about their feelings towards littering.

The winner drawings would get some prize and also be printed as posters to be hung around the village. This is still in the process as is an environmental booklet to be printed soon. The booklet will include over 100 best drawings of the students and their quotes. The title will be “Children voices on litter­ing.”

I hope this booklet can be sold at book shops in Bangkok besides being distributed to all the schools in the area and that it can bring about more awareness on littering and that each individuals contribution to reduce, reuse, recycle and refuse counts.