Bird flying free…

Creating our progressive future together now

By Avtk. Ananda Ragamaya Ac.
Shrii P. R. Sarkar
Every person must understand that for the maintenance of any organism, there must be a close cooperation between each of its component parts. Humanity is not inert, and the relationships between human beings depend on more than mere cooperation. This cooperation instead of being based on a master-servant relationship must be constructed in a warmly cordial atmosphere of free human beings. It should be a coordinated cooperation and not a subordinated one.

There is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly with one wing.

Sitting by the wind-swept sea, watching the waves leaping and colliding with the rocks and feeling the blustery breeze dancing across my face as the sea birds sing and play with the invisible force that keeps them air born, I am lead to ponder…
As I observe these hardy birds seeming to know quite naturally what to do and how to maneuver in all weathers with the help and support of their wings, I reflect on the analogy of our society being like a bird that can only fly when both wings are healthy. In this context, the two wings being representative of the male and female members of the society… bearing in mind of course, that regardless of gender, we all have both male and female qualities within us.

And as I reflect upon the current state of our world…
…and where we really would like to be,

I am moved to share a few questions with you
…and invite you to play along with me …

As we consider the current situation of the world in which we live with regards to men and women, their relationships, educational opportunities, the field of work, housing, the family situation, the roles of mothers and fathers, health care, judicial systems, religion and so forth … I ask, “if we were to continue with this way of operating, what would the world look like one year from now?” Maybe there would not be much perceivable difference? How about if we were to look 5 years from now? What would that look like? How would our lives globally be affected and the lives of those we love? How would that affect where we want to go to as humans striving to make the world a better place for all?

So, let’s expand a bit further and look at 10 years from now… 20 years…. even 30 years…..???? By continuing in the same way, what would the world look like 50 years from now (if we happen to still be alive)? Would we be any nearer to achieving our personal and collective missions on this earth? What legacy would we be leaving behind for the future generations?

Is this what we want our future to look like?

My guess is that, if we look into the future in this way, it is distinctly possible that we may come to realize that “NO”, we do not want our future to read this way!

So, now my question comes… “What do we want our future society to look like?”
P. R. Sarkar mentioned the importance of a society where all have equal opportunities and everyone’s fundamental needs are provided for; being education, health care, housing, clothing and food (which is sadly, far from today’s reality). He also emphasized that for the survival and growth of a healthy society, there must be coordinated cooperation (as opposed to subordinated cooperation), where everyone counts regardless of their age, race, religion … or gender.

Bird flying free….

Lyrics by Didi A Ragamaya

A bird cannot fly on one wing
It needs both of them to bring
Balance to humanity
Thrown off track by disparity.

A bird cannot fly, a bird cannot fly, no a bird cannot fly,
only on one wing…

In an age of disharmony
Women have entrusted their rights,
Lost their dignity,
In a few moments of sentimentality.
Aggression rules and so-called rationality
Competition and intellectuality
Suppression of subtler qualities
Tenderness, compassion and sincerity.

A bird cannot fly, a bird cannot fly, no a bird cannot fly,
only on one wing…

Peacemaker, soothing stormy seas
Working day and night selflessly.
Mother, bearing life with sacrifice
A pillar of support a loving wife.
Woman gracious, enduring mountain
Endless love, an ever-flowing fountain.

No time to point fingers and blame
Thing are as they are
It’s up to us to change
Take back our power from whence we were estranged.
Create unity amidst diversity
A brighter future for humanity
Bring harmony back to society
Both wings outstretched bird flying free

A bird cannot fly, a bird cannot fly, no a bird cannot fly,
only on one wing…

So let the bird fly free and sing
Let it fly free and sing…
Let it fly free and sing (voices must be heard)
Let it fly free and sing (down with sexual slavery)
Let it fly free and sing (break those chains)
Let it fly free and sing (no more prostitution)
Let it fly free and sing (need new global mental constitution)
Let it fly free and sing (women are awakening)
Let it fly free and sing (stand up and be heard)
Let it fly free and sing (fly free as a bird!)
For the joy of living …

Both wings outstretched bird flying free….
Both wings outstretched bird flying free….
Both wings outstretched, both wings outstretched, both wings outstretched ….flying free!

So how does this future, progressive society look to us? What would we be doing differently in the future than we are now? What qualities would we be expressing and how would we be living our lives? What values would we be living by in order for us to create an even brighter future for all? What skills and capabilities would we be using to support this positive forward movement? What would we be doing to contribute to the progressive onward development of our society so that all can really shine in their full potential and give back naturally to an even healthier and more vital community?

In this way who benefits?

Everyone! Men, women, children, families….. the planet …. Everyone!!!

So, play along with me if you will, and take yourself to our new world in the future. In this place everyone has their needs met and the time to explore their spiritual journey as they express their Divine gifts on this earth. A place where all are making a positive, progressive and lasting difference, where communities flourish and women and men are working together with respect and harmony. A place where synergy abounds and creativity delights the air! Be here where all are welcome to thrive and flourish as beautiful flowers in this very unique and colourful garden.

As we allow ourselves to really enjoy the experience of fully being in this new world, I invite you to take a look back at the journey of reaching this hallowed place. If you were personally to look at three things that you did to contribute to this beautiful reality, what three things did you do to support the positive forward movement of our society? What three things did you do to make a lasting difference in your life and the lives of others?

And as we draw our “playtime” to a close, I invite you to commit to living these three things as of now… What can you begin to begin to begin to do as of this very moment, this very breath?

So, as I leave the rocks and the sea and the birds flying free…. And take them with me….I feel heartened to have been graced with these precious moments in nature to reflect and commit to being part of the radiant future that awaits us all and to know that we are together on this journey. The changes we want are happening right now! I am also aware of a grave sense of urgency, that there is no time to lose! …
So… let’s spread our wings and launch into the crimson dawn as we shine in our light and truly fly together for a better world for all.

Didi Ananda Ragamaya, a yoga and meditation teacher, musician, progressive educator and facilitator is passionate to make a difference in the world. She has worked extensively in Europe, India, the Americas and the Caribbean over the last 20 years and is currently based in Jamaica developing programs for women and children with WWD.