NHE Publications in Taiwan

The essence of NHE is that the teacher does meditation. But even the elevated teacher needs teaching tools. In NHE we have some wonderful educational ideas based on which over the years some members have developed books and teacher guides. Some examples of the books published in Taiwan are:

Step Out: Based on the Circle of Love concept, Step-out is a nature science curriculum for self discovery. It consists of ten student books, each covering an aspect of the Circle of Love curriculum. After several years of hard work, it is going to be available on I-Pad in early 2011.

Superbunny: is a character building curriculum, suitable for KG and lower elementary school. It consists of ten stories and 35 songs.

Little Star Yoga Workbook: Over the years we published many kidsyoga books, like Animal Songs, Yoga Stories, which are sold in Taiwan and China. The Little Star Yoga Workbook consists of songs and drawing activities for children.

YogaTouch: a book on the therapeutic use of yoga for children with developmental problems.

Pssst! It’s Quiet Time!: a book filled with practical ideas for silence games with children.

Learning foreign languages is part of the NHE curriculum. On the one hand learning a second or third language opens one’s mind to other cultures. On the other hand it activates new parts of the brain. In Taiwan English is taught as a foreign language from KG onwards. In How to Read, we have developed a unique spelling method that allows the Taiwanese children to read simple English story books before they enter elementary school. This system is based on the American reading program Distar.

We also have a lot of NHE inspired story material, some of it published (Why the Sun is Yellow, Mama I don’t want to sleep and The Walking Fish). It is interesting how other authors pick up these stories and weave them into their own work!

Currently we are preparing a new edition of Morning Circle 1-6, a story based language learning program that has already served thousands of children. Attached to these publications, are many training programs. In this way, many teachers have been directly or indirectly touched by the vision of NHE in both China and Taiwan.