CNS, Sweden

The College of Neohumanist Studies in Sweden is a relatively new programme established in May, 2004. CNS plans to offer an equivalent of Bachelors/Masters/PhD in Yogic & Intuitional Science; and Neohumanist Education (NHE) & Allied Sciences. Students may register in either of the two currently running faculties: Faculty of Yoga and Intuitional Science or Faculty of Neohumanist Education. The Institute draws on a wider faculty base of Ananda Marga Gurukula worldwide and gets regular visits of researchers, scholars and speakers for short-term courses, workshops, lectures and seminars. CNS also has a collaborative relationship with the Commedia School, an international theatre school in Copenhagen. In addition CNS is hosting a Study Circle on “Social Ethics” with the sponsorship from ABF-an institution in Sweden which has been supporting public educational initiatives for over 90 years.
In the past 6 months, CNS Sweden featured the following programmes:
“Myths of Free Trade” – a debate held November 2004
“Web Sites Management” – a workshop by Iishika.
“Conscious Self-Development” – a leadership seminar by Dada Lokeshananda , January 2005.
notes included in this issue.
“Communication and Counselling Skills” – an experiential four-day workshop led by Dr. Sid Jordan, March 2005.
notes included in this issue.
Upcoming workshops include:
Yoga Education for Kids on June11-12th 2005 by Christian Franchasinii.
Story Telling Workshop on Aug. 13-14th by Ole Brekke.
Bio-Psychology Workshop September 19-26th by Dr. Richard Maxwell.
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