NHE Materials For Sale from AMGK and Other Sources

Joyful Things
by Kamala

CD of songs includes the voices of 70 children from the Ananda Marga River School in Australia along with top musicians <>
By Didi Ananda
A song about honouring the rights of our children, loving them and encouraging them to reach their full potential. http://www.griotmusic.com
Kid’s Yoga PosterThis brightly coloured poster, made in Taiwan, is available for sale from Gurukula Academy of Taiwan. Measures approximately 20 x 30 inches. <>
Circulo De Amor
By Didi Prema

Didi Prema sings 20 Neohumanist songs for children in Spanish.
Circle of Love
Early Childhood Education Manual and MP3 Songs on Computer CD

Thanks to Mahajyoti and Arun this CD version of the manual is now available. The original songs have been retrieved and converted to MP3 format thanks to Giridhara.
On this computer CD, the manual is available as six PDF files which can be read directly from your computer or printed. The Circle of Love Songs are available as 307 MP3 music files. Cost $10 US plus shipping. To obtain a copy, please write to: <>Circle of Love Songs on Music CDs
The Circle of Love manual includes over 300 songs for children. Through the efforts of Giridhara, the original tapes have now been transferred to a set of four music CDs. This set of four CDs is available for $20 plus shipping. To obtain copies, please write to: <>.
New CDs from AMGK
PowerPoint Resource n. 1
a CD collection of PowerPoint presentations useful for teacher training and introductory lectures on NHE.
To obtain copies, please write to: <>
Neo-Humanist Education
A Documentation on NHE Schools Around the World
Edited by Avtk Ananda Rama Ac
This full sized 100 page book provides a colorful picture of the Neohumanist Education system world wide, with over 40 articles and 260 pictures from NHE schools around the world.
The articles are written by teachers working in the schools, giving a first hand look into the NHE classroom.
Available through 
Circle of Love
STUVOL Guides for Kindergarten

New STUVOL booklets for KG 1 and KG 2 have been prepared for Delhi Sector by AMGK mostly from material from the Circle of Love manual. Anyone interested to
reproduce them in their own Sector can contact
Other Publications from AMGK
Yoga Warm-ups
Prepare your body for subtle asanas – by Mita Chen and Kaomudi
Yoga warm-ups is a compilation of poses that comes with complete instructions to guide you through 
your exercise routine. Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and strength.
Mita Chen with her wealth of knowledge and experiences as a yoga teacher has carefully selected and demonstrated the poses which are helpful for yoga aspirants. Kaomudi is a registered physiotherapist with the New Zealand Board of Physiotherapists.
Ananda Marga Dictionary
For Every Day Use
Compiled by
Ac Premayananda Avt

An Ananda Marga dictionary compiled by Dada Premamayananda has been 
under the guidance of AMGK Publications in Bangkok. The book has 160 pages and contains more then 1500 entries. Order at:  The cost is $6 wholesale, and $12 resale.
Status of Books and CDs
Published by AMGK
Books Currently Available
Discourses on Neohumanist Education – Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar
Documentation of NHE – Ed. Avtk Anandarama Ac
Head in the Stars, Feet on the Ground – Avtk Ananda Nivedita Ac
Teach me to Fly – Avtk Ananda Nivedita Ac
Bio-Psychology – Dr. Jitendra Singh
Situating Sarkar – Sohail Inyatullah
Transcending Boundaries – Eds. Sohail Inyatullah and Jennifer Fitzgerald
Ananda Marga Dictionary – Ac Premamayananda Avt
Yoga Warm-ups – Mita Chen and Kaomudi
Wisdom and Mystical Verses of Sanor – Ac Shambhushivananda Avt
Tantra-Conf. Proceedings -Ac Shambhushivananda Avt
Books Available in India Only
Ananda Sutram Word Index – Ladli Prasad
Notes on Varna Vijanana – A. R. Sarangi
Books Out of Print
Gurukula through the Ages – Ac Shambhushivananda Avt
In Search of Ideal Education – Ac Shambhushivananda Avt
Conference Proceedings on NHE – Ed. Ac Shambhushivananda Avt
Gurukul Education-Mumbai speech – Ac Shambhushivananda Avt
Teacher Resources Produced by AMGK
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NHE Resources
NHE Diploma Programme
NHE Introductory Certificate Programme
AMGK Standards for NHE Schools
CDs and Multi-media Productions by AMGK
Circle of Love (Revised Edition) – manual and songs – Ed. Avtk Ananda Mitra Ac
Kids Yoga Poster – Arunima
NHE Power points and NHE video clips