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NHE Forum 
NHE Forum is an on-line discussion group for those interested in or working in NHE schools and projects. To join, please write to <>

NHE Resources 
NHE Resources is a set of web-based resources for those working in NHE schools. It contains articles, information and classroom aides. If you would like to access these pages, please visit <>, and sign up for a login name and password.

Distance Learning Programmes
The two distance learning programmes for NHE teachers are both progressing with many students. The Neohumanist Diploma Programme is a one year or more in depth tuition programme, certifying the student as an NHE early childhood teacher. The Neohumanist Introductory Programme is a three month or more programme, with the option for certification as an NHE early childhood associate teacher. For more details see the description of Distance Learning Programmes at:

Standards Available
Ananda Marga Gurukula Standards for kindergarten and primary schools are now available. You may write to <> for a copy or you may download a copy directly from NHE Resources.
NHE Introductory Program in Spanish
Through the efforts of Didi Ananda Anuradha, work has been completed on translating the NHE Introductory Programme into Spanish. To get an electronic copy either through e-mail or on a CD rom, please write to. Didi Ananda Anuradha is coordinating the translation of NHE material into Spanish. If you have any other NHE material already translated, or if you are interested to help with this project either in translating or with financial support, please contact Didi at: <>
YES – Yoga Education in Schools – Manuals
The YES manual for 3-5 year olds is in the final stages of production. YES is the inner core of the NHE curriculum. This manual gives theoretical foundations and practical guidelines for teaching yoga practices to young children in a gentle and safe way. It is composed of tested examples of materials from experienced teachers who have practiced in the classroom for many years. You will gain a deeper understanding of how to teach the subtle concepts of yoga, values and meditation to children. As a teacher you can use this manual as a foundation to create your own curriculum adapting to the needs of the children in your locality and culture. For further information please contact 

New STUVOL booklets for KG 1 and KG 2 have been prepared for Delhi Sector by AMGK mostly from material from the Circle of Love manual. Anyone interested in reproducing them in their own Sector can contact