Accra, Ghana
The A.M. Technology Center (AMTech) is a non-profit, non-government funded initiative affiliated with Ananda Marga. AMTech provides Primary and Secondary schools in the Ga West district of Accra, Ghana with access to information and communications technology on a non-commercial basis that aims to facilitate learning and increase opportunities for the future. It was founded in June 2005 by Gilbert Nyavie who trained at NIIT, a respected Indian-based computer school with branches in Ghana . 
The first phase is to establish a basic training lab equipped with up to twenty workstations.  This will be utilized initially to train the trainers, i.e. instructors who will then be assigned to specific secondary schools in Accra .  As resources become available, AMTech will assist each targeted school to establish its own computer lab and a resource library of reference materials, curriculum aids, etc.  The effort is not simply to teach computer literacy skills but rather the use of ICT in imparting academic subjects and encouraging use of the internet for research and learning. 
There are numerous computer training centres now in Ghana .  Nearly all of them operate as commercial enterprises.  AMTech has been registered as a non-profit organization and a local board formed.  An office has been established.  Discussions have been held with the Ghana Education Service. Resource people and mentors in Asia, Australia , Europe and the USA are in contact and provide valuable guidance.  A proposal and budget has been prepared.

The Project is need of: 
1) Educational CD’S: Math, Science, English, Geography and Computer Science 
2) Computer networking materials and interactive educational programmes 
3) Donations
4) Volunteers
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