Accra, Ghana, Africa
By Didi Gayatri

With financial help from the charity lunch Feijoada do Bem organized by Brazilians living in Ghana; the generous help of the NGO NAWA (North American Women Association); the important contribution of a charity lunch organized by Ananda Marga – Sweden, plus the help of dedicated sympathizers and members from the local community as well as members of Ananda Marga in Ghana, we were able to accomplish the project titled: Improvement of Lotus Children’s Center and Mass Feeding.


It began in November/2011 and was concluded in April/2012. Some of the accomplishments are:


  • A ten thousand liter water tank and a water pump were bought to solve the water problem we face on every dry season. Now we can live better.
  • Security – We got new hand locks, iron doors, barbed wire and wooden cross bar behind some doors. As it is a Girl’s Home and domestic security is very important in Ghana.
  • Restoration of the roof of the store room and toilets to avoid water infiltration during rains.
  • Mass Feeding – We cook regularly at least once a month to feed the children in some poor communities in Central Region of Ghana. Initially, 120 children attended but the number has increased. (In March, about 500 children attended). We got an industrial stove to fast track cooking at the village. Also we bought large size pots and gas cylinders which have expedited our work before mass feeding in the poor communities.
  • 2 new toilet rooms for the Nursery and Kindergarten.
  • Electrical repairs and 3 new fans.
  • We purchased a rice cooker for the Children’s Home.
  • New study tables for the children in the school in addition to a donation of computers.
  • New paint. In Accra, many houses have problems with water and salt infiltration which damps the walls of buildings, making the plastering fall apart. The anti-damp treatment is quite expensive but we got it and now we have painted the whole facility.

How many people will benefit from this project and who are they?


Lotus Children’s Center: There are 7 girls in Lotus Children’s Home and 21 children in Lotus Nursery/KG. We have regular visits from the children in the neighborhood.


The local Community: We are starting a Children’s Club with the objective of offering extra-curricular activities. We shall focus on improving reading and writing skills, arts and crafts, moral lessons, drama and songs, etc. We already have a volunteer who is teaching computer skills. Didi Gayatri is also interested in starting adult literacy classes.