Starting a Global Conversation

Gurukula Webinar Series:

Starting a Global Conversation

Marcus Bussey

Effective global movements come into being in their own time. Occasionally they can explode onto the scene like the Occupy Movement but more usually they are nurtured into being with love, patience and commitment. This is the case for our Ananda Marga Gurukula. Such was the scope of Sarkar’s vision and the slender resources of the organisation that AMGK has been an idea waiting its time. Yet, the quiet genesis of the movement is gaining speed. Thus we see the recent formation of GANE, the Global Association of Neohumanist Educators. Similarly, starting in December of last year, we have the monthly online gathering of a small community of educators, social entrepreneurs, Proutists and well-wishers. We gather to discuss a wide range of ideas covering social evolution, the nature of consciousness, classroom practice, Proutist economics, the arts etc.

This diversity in areas offers a glimpse into the breadth of Sarkar’s vision for Gurukula. He has proposed 42 faculties for the Gurukula University, yet such is the explosion of knowledge over the past 24 years since his death it is not hard to find other candidates for faculty status. One simple example would be a faculty dedicated to the study of Social Entrepreneurship. To date we have held five webinars that covered a range of topics moving from Dada Shambhshivananda’s overview of the Gurukula project; Didi Ananda Devapriya’s discussion on Education for Balance; Marcus Bussey’s outline of an historical map for social evolution; Sid Jordan’s presentation of the Era of Neohumanism and Henk de Weijer’s introduction to the concept of Microvita. In May Didi Anandarama will tell us about an exciting project she and others have been running for over ten years involving children writing inspirational books. In June, Eric Jacobson will discuss Education for Transformation.



Future speakers will include Professor Ravi Batra discussing his ideas for ending unemployment, Professor Sohail Inayatullah talking about his new book on Prout, Acharya Maheshvarananda discussing Prout projects in South America and Africa, Professor Dhanjoo Ghista discussing his vision for Gurukula, Dr Jose Ramos discussing six scenarios for Spiritual Social development and Dr Jyoshna Latrobe discussing her work with sacred music. Presenters all have extensive experience in the areas they are presenting on and all sessions are recorded so that those who cannot attend a session will be able to listen to the session later and also download and share sessions they like with colleagues and friends.

As we grow this initiative, we look forward to more participation from the global Gurukula community and also – and this is important – from people generally interested in questions of social transformation and personal and social liberation. In this sense the webinars are definitely not in-house only. They are designed to alert us all to the breadth and possibilities of transformative learning. Neohumanist vision is able to infuse all subjects with new charm and challenges us to rethink our subjects and our assumptions. It also invites us to make connections and weave a truly interdisciplinary world of ideas and practices together in the best of the pragmatic tradition of taking an idea and doing something useful for humanity and the planet. This is what makes Gurukula Webinars such an exciting new project. I hope you can join us for the next webinar – they are listed on our Gurukula website: where you can register.



The webinar, the Era of Neohumanism, by Dr. Sid Jordan, is presented here.

Upcoming WebinarsJuly 19 – Steve Gould: Playing the Sarkar GameAugust 2 – Professor Dhanjoo Ghista: The Role and Structure of AMGK to address Community needs in all sectors of public and private life, and elicit educational philanthropy.

August 23 – Dr Jose Ramos: Spirituality and Social Movements

September 7 – Dada Maheshvarananda: Prout on the Ground: Activism and Social Action

October 4 – Professor Sohail Inayatullah: Exploring Prout Policy

October 25 – Question and Answer: Gurukula Questions answered by Dada Shambhushivananda, Dr Marcus Bussey and Didi Ananda Rama

December 6 – Dr Jyoshna Latrobe: The Power of Sacred Music

For dates for Eric Jacobson, Didi Anandarama and Professor Ravi Batra, and to register for any webinar, please visit: