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New Course:
Pramá Analysis

AMIA – Ánanda Márga International Academy in Singapore – is launching a unique short course called Pramá Analysis.

The Pramá Analysis course is based on discourse on Pramá by Shrii P.R. Sarkar. Pramá is a Sanskrit word, and according to Shrii P.R. Sarkar, in English may be broadly translated as balance. Specifically, it is the combination of both equilibrium and equipoise.

Pramá or balance is indispensable in individual life and collective life. Pramá’s foundation is based on the belief that every human being’s existence is trifarious: physical, mental, and spiritual.

This course on Pramá Analysis, elaborated by Ac. Premamayánanda Avt., has two major scopes. The first is to guide participants to gain personal and collective benefits, and the second is to inspire participants to learn this subject deeply to help others gain personal and collective benefits. In this context, the word collective refers to close family members and friends, while in a wide range of Pramá analysis applications, collective may refer to a private or public company, village, town, city, institution, socio-economic zone, region, country, etc.

Pramá analysis follows a scientific and systematic approach

Pramá analysis in individual life means to evaluate scientifically and methodically the everyday life of the people that do all kinds of jobs, from farmers to nurses, from factory workers to doctors, from businessmen to householders, from professionals to teachers, from ecclesiastics to clerks, and to discover if the people are leading pramic or apramic life. In other words, to discover whether people are balanced or not in their life. Pramá analysis in collective life is to apply the science of pramá to systematically evaluating the degree of progress or balance of the private companies, associations, clubs, societies, regions, states, countries, and all public and private sectors of society. The scientific approach of pramá analysis can be applied successfully to numerous issues which all governments have to deal with in their countries, such as medical care, housing, education, clothing, banking, defense, religion, sport, ecology, dissidents, homelessness, corruption, tourism, transport, language, art, agriculture, and so forth. Of course, no one will be able to apply pramá analysis until they understand that something is going wrong. But the primary and most important use of pramá analysis is to apply it with the idea that whichever stage of evolution the society might be in, at the end of the pramic session, the analyzed will have a clear vision of the path that leads to progress. Pramá analysis is not intended just to “prevent” or to “cure” a distortion. The main purpose is also to show the practical path to long-lasting development and progress.

Human beings are constantly evolving mentally. In the last 120 years, humanity has come to rely heavily on science to find solutions to increasing human demands and needs, and the scientific approach Pramá analysis offers can become both the new “medicine” for the individual needs of the modern era and the new way to investigate collective necessities and show the way to the solution of social disorders.

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New Project – Recreating Exponentially Soil Project

AMIA – Ánanda Márga International Academy in Singapore is working on a Proutistic project to recreate soil exponentially by utilizing all kinds of organic “kitchen leftovers.” The project is very ambitious because it starts with a little quantity of soil and it grows exponentially over time and it is also extremely fertile for plants, vegetables, fruits tree, etc. Thus over time there is no need to buy more soil, rather we can recreate more soil to give away or sell.

The process called RESP – Recreating Exponentially Soil Project – is based on the PROUT concept of maximum utilization of physical resources. It is feasible in urban areas, on balconies, in gardens, and in open fields. It is safe and does not smell.
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