Ananda Marga Gurukula Campus at Anandanagar

During November 2022 – January 2023, Anandanagar was the host of many visitors from India and abroad. One of the tourist attractions was Cakradhuri campus which was full of seasonal flowers at that time and seemed like a paradise.

Cakradhuri is also home to many rare birds. One egret was injured and was treated by our Gurukula staff and then let out into its natural habitat after recovery. One ethnobotanist couple from Portugal has developed a booklet of Birds of Anandanagar. It is still not a complete listing but a very good start.
Potato cultivation was done on a large scale within the Cakradhuri campus and over 3500 kgs of potatoes were harvested in April, 2023.
Cakradhuri and Gopal Anandanagar mango trees are blessed with a good mango crop this year. The only challenge is how to let them ripen as the village children are too tempted to eat them while they are still unripe.

Eight basement rooms of the main Cakradhuri building were plastered and are being made ready for occupation. Incidentally, these rooms have become the favorite spots during the hot summer months as these basement rooms are naturally very cool.

Classes and Programs

Computer classes were started by Gurukula at Gopal Anandanagar Campus. Separate classes for village boys and girls are currently being given. About thirty students have enrolled in this program. Classes are also being conducted at Uma Nivas in the Girls High School & Girls College.

April 25-30, 2023 Ananda Marga Gurukula School of Health Sciences at Anandanagar offered a five day certificate course on “Holistic Model of Health”. Dr. Shambhushivananda as the Kulapati (Chancellor) of AMGK) inaugurated the elementary course and distributed certificates to the participants at the end of the course. Forty students took the course. The course was conducted by Acarya Rameshvarananda Avadhuta with the help of many senior experienced teachers.

Gurukula has also begun preparations for establishing a AMGK Nursing College at Anandanagar under the stewardship of Kulapati. Prabhat Samgiita Academy now has 40 students on its rolls.

Reception Center of Gurukula Headquarters

The reception center is now ready for occupation and Dada Harikrpananda was the first to begin utilizing the new building. Plans are under way to set up solarization of this new building. Dada Harikrpananda watered the plants daily during the unusually hot summer months. Ms. Sutapah Akgun from Turkey was the first guest of honor to stay in the reception center.

Mr. L. Dey, Ajay Singh and others visited the Gurukula Campus and pledged support for furthering the cause of higher education in the area.

The reception center was inaugurated on January 1, 2023, with much pomp and show and amidst over a hundred guests from India and abroad. On the occasion about 50 children from the Chitmu Gurukula school gave interesting presentations. They gave dance performances and showed what they had learned in the school including prabhat samgiita, saying thank you in thirty languages, samskrta slokas and answers about spiritual philosophy. They also performed two dances based on prabhat samgiita. They charmed all the audience with their self-confidence and fluency in answering all questions about a wide variety of subjects.

Chitmu School, Gopal Anandanagar

The Chitmu Gurukula School children were graced by May Fashions’ support for their new school uniforms.
Radha and Shri Pradeep (New Delhi), Navneet (Sweden), John Cavaliere (USA) and Mukteshvar from Uzbekistan, among a hundred visitors to Cakradhuri, were witness to the presentations made by the children of the Chitmu School. Mukteshvar gave guitar lessons to the children while Ira led the students in outdoor games and taught Prabhat Samgiita dance. An electric scooter and floor carpet were bought for the Chitmu school with generous contributions from well-wishers. Dr. Abhimanyu Dev joined the school as an early childhood teacher. Dada Shambhushivananda took some of the children on a learning journey to the fossil hill at Anandanagar. During the winter months, warm jackets for children and blankets for needy persons of the area were distributed with the courtesy of Ravinder Thakur of Chandigarh and other supporters.