PRSI Report

A Proposal for a World Constitution Based on the Works of Shrii P. R. Sarkar

The P.R. Sarkar Institute, in collaboration with the Prout Research Institute, is exploring how to bring Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar’s vision of a world government to the wider public. A Proposal for a World Constitution, based on the works of Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, was published in December 2022. The book was authored by Chandra Shekhara and co-published by the P.R. Sarkar Institute and the Prout Research Institute. A review of the book is included in this issue of Gurukula Network. A number of programs have occurred or have been scheduled to discuss the subject in more depth, including ones of the PROUT Alliance, New Renaissance magazine, Planetary Leadership Training, the annual PROUT conference, and the Westpac Foundation.

Documentary Film Project Update: The Path of Awakening and Benevolence

The documentary film, Neohumanism: The Path of Awakening and Benevolence that has shot over 200 hours of footage in the US, Europe, India, and Bali. The next tour will film at Ejura (Master Unit) in Burkina Faso, which is a service hub for the surrounding community; the highly successful AMURT Nigeria maternal and infant care project; and Ananda Kalyani (Master Unit) in Portugal with its vibrant investment in ecological and social justice projects. At present the cinematographer and film group is creating a 6-minute trailer of the film to be used in promoting the film and raising funds. This trailer will feature themes that portray neohumanist education, spiritual inspiration, social justice and ecological stewardship. The trailer’s footage will present what makes Neohumanism (NH) unique; needed in the world; appealing to a general audience; a collective movement; and appealing to potential donors.

This neohumanist documentary along with AMGK’s new publication, Neohumanist Review, are projects that are designed to reach a global population that is ready to embrace neohumanist solutions for our planetary futures. In a recent article Marcus Bussey reminds us, “This is a neohumanist moment that is at work ushering in one way of seeing the relational and spiritual possibilities of our planetary futures.”i This documentary film offers a “way of seeing” this neohumanist future.

Neohumanist Review

Ananda Marga Gurukula launches a quality journal, Neohumanist Review. The mission of the new bi-annual periodical is to explore a new paradigm on how the global human society can reorganize, from the local to the worldwide level, to promote the integral well-being and flourishing of all human and non-human beings. Its target group is free thinkers and scholars who are concerned with improving the conditions of humanity and the planet.

In particular, Neohumanist Review aims at:

  • Exploring optimistic visions for the world;
  • Educating the world about the relevance of neohumanist philosophy as it is applied to diverse areas of existence;
  • Offering pragmatic views as guides towards a post-capitalist world;
  • Manifesting neohumanist values in all aspects of human life;
  • Analyzing current problems from neohumanist perspectives;
  • Reporting on exemplary progressive initiatives undertaken by anyone anywhere in the world;
  • Sharing scholarly in-depth articles on themes of popular interest;
  • Publishing research reports that further peace, freedom, prosperity, justice and progress of the society.
  • Encouraging rational, scientific and compassionate thinking in solving the problems of humanity

Neohumanist Review invites multiple disciplines to address the most vexing planetary issues, such as social and economic inequality, ecological collapse, war and peace, mass migration, and technological transformations, from the joint perspective of art, science, philosophy, and spirituality. Inquiries and submissions may be sent to .

The inaugural issue of Neohumanist Review will be published in September 2023. A rudimentary web site has been established

i Bussey, M> (2023). The Neohumanist Moment and Our Planetary Futures Práxis Educativa, Ponta Grossa, v. 18, e21500, p. 1-12.