Update AMGK Women’s College & Primary School

Uma Nivas, Anandanagar

By Didi Anandarama,
Project Coordinator

Despite all the circumstances, the work at our Women’s College /primary school at Uma Nivas, Ananda Nagar has been going on under the guidance of Avtk. Ananda Vratiisha. We have completed the construction work including the toilets, security room, outdoor kitchen and two gates. We also procured new land of more than one acre that is attached to our campus. This was land purchased during the time of our founder Shrii P. R. Sarkar, which had to be newly measured and cleared.

Didi Ananda Vratiisha and her team have rendered a lot of service to the community during these times of covid19. They distributed food and essentials, gave employment to the neediest families and gave daily medical services to an increased number of patients at our Abha Medical clinic.

Recently we started inviting local women from nearby villages to attend classes on home economics. Our long-term aim is to support women in the surrounding area (bhukti) in starting and managing their own cottage industries. For this we will give regular courses at the college with certificates for various skills and knowledge acquired.

Self-sufficiency in basic needs in the surrounding block of several villages and about 100,000 population will be our first focus of the college.

To make our college and primary school operational we still need a water storage tank, plastering of the boundary wall, painting work of the entire building and furnishing the classrooms. Our estimated budget is $ 35,000. Thank you for helping us to complete this project!