Neohumanist Children’s Books

By Nancy Niiti Gannon

The Heart Crystal and Other Stories are seven delightful stories that tickle children’s fantasies, teach Neohumanist values, and let them become heroes. Each story also includes a fun meditative moment for children to experience. These delightful stories aid children’s self-discovery and let their imaginations soar.

The Swans’ Journey takes children on a thoughtful journey along with two swans. The swans face obstacles and challenges while they find friendship and love. During the story, children are encouraged to move their bodies in suggested yoga poses and soar their imaginations with creative visualization. The Swans’ Journey is a delightful tale for young children to read alone or with a parent.

Author Nancy “Niiti” Gannon has been a long time Neohumanist educator and contributor. These two children’s books were inspired by storytelling with her grandchild and the children in her local Head Start Program. These books are available through Amazon, Kindle, and other book stores.