Delhi Sector

Summer ETC 2007, Ananda Nagar

By Dada Priyakrsnananda

The summer Education Training Camp 2007 was held at Ananda Nagar, the Headquarter of Gurukul in its scenic and natural setting from 16th to 20th May, 2007. Over 120 participants including principals and teachers from all over India and Nepal attended the same. P.S. Ghose, retired additional director of National Bal Bhavan Delhi, a premier institute founded by the first prime minister of India, Jawarlal Nehru, to popularize creative education in the elementary and higher levels was pleased to be one of the main trainers this time. He is known for popularizing science among children with low-cost or no-cost materials for developing science projects. He meticulously demonstrated how to make different scientific instruments such as a pinhole camera, kaleidoscope etc. from card board sweet boxes which are easily available anywhere in India at almost no-cost. He also gave another class on ‘ teaching science through paper’ which was very interesting, innovative, creative and fun too. Participants could learn many practical techniques for teaching science in a creative way. Classes were also held on the role and duties of a Neohumanist teacher. Workshops on creative art and teaching alphabets in a creative way were also very educative. In the evenings, a competition was held on moral story telling and rhymes. Most of the participants took part with great enthusiasm. A colourful cultural program was organized on the fourth day evening on the theme “How Good Company Can Change the Character of a Wicked Person”. One session was devoted for the open discussion on ‘challenges and solutions to bring our schools up to NHE standard’. Participants were encouraged to bring phase wise progress in their schools according to their capacity.