Georgetown Sector

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Guarapiranga (south Sao Paulo)
With much work by Kamalesh and Mirabai the school in Guarapiranga (south Sao Paulo) has now taken over another pre-school which was going to close. The existing school has 68 children and the new school has 120 children. Two teacher training days have been held for the total of 30 staff of the two schools.

Caracas, Venezuela
The Caracas Preschool received a donation of 5 computers, 2 printer, 1 TV and 1 DVD from the German Embassy, for a total value of US $7000.

Barranquilla, Colombia
A school for adults was started in Barranquilla with 25 students. Sada Vrata (food distribution) is being done regularly and 200 children have been benefited in each Sada Vrata.

Sapucai, Paraguay
In Didis master unit in Sapucai monthly sadabrata is organized. 50 children are benefited by this program. Yogurt, milk and pre-cooked food is being sold in the city market. The new school has 15 children.

Asuncion, Paraquay
Didi Ananda Sushiila organized an educational training camp with the participation of 25 teachers. The Capiata school now has 250 students which Didi is managing and she recently received a donation of school material for the children, school bags, pencils, pens and uniform,etc. from her friends.

The new Neohumanist School has got 20 students now and offers free education, meals and transportation.
They are planning to open another Neohumanist cultural center in the city called Florianopolis and the land is already purchased.