Yoga Educators Conference

July 19-25, 2007
Organized by AMAYE
Ananda Marga Association for
Yoga Educators
Hosted by CNS Sweden
The first AMAYE* Yoga Educators Conference was well attended by a total of 76 participants from around the world, including Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, and many European countries. Each participant expressed their positive inspiration and gratitude for the event. Many thanks go to CNS Sweden and the trainees from the Sweden Training Centre for their hard work in making this event possible. The programs were held in the new Ananda Marga Gurukula building which has been recently converted from a barn into a small conference centre. The Master of Ceremonies was Krsnadeva. In addition to the excellent presentations (see below), daily yoga sessions were led by Shivanii, Punam, Dada Udvelananda, Shantatman and Kamaleshvar. Other activities included daily meditations, a visit to the local forests, several films on yoga, discussions among participants of their field experiences, as well as evening cultural programs.
The presentations have been captured on DVD and are available as a set of seven DVDs. Please see NHE Publications for details. The presentations and programs were as follows.Yoga History“Yoga History and Rajadhiraja Yoga in light of other Philosophies and Traditions” – By Jinanendra with an introduction by Dada Shambhushivananda
“Group Murals on Yoga through the Ages” – Coordinated by Kusum
“Yoga in the Light of Western Medicine” – By Dr. Pashupati, MDYoga’s Subtle Anatomy & Yoga Therapy in Light of Modern Science“Emotions and Cakras” – By Dr. Shantatma, MD
“Asanas and Yoga Anatomy” – By Devajinana

Yoga, Spiritual Psycho-Therapy, Bio Psychology and Mental Functions

“Spiritual Psycho-Therapy” – By Trönd Prabhakar Øverland
“Yoga & Goal of Human Life” – Shrii P.R. Sarkar’s audio DMC speech delivered in IcelandBlending Practice and Theory of Yoga“Role of Shukra in Asanas” – By Kamaleshvar
“Yoga Animation: How to make a yoga class joyful?” – By Kamaleshvar
“Yoga Therapy” – By Kamaleshvar
“Yogic Dances” – By Aradhana and Purusottama
“Spiritual Practices & Science behind 16 Points”