AMGK Meeting

Portland, UK
February 2008

Amidst the cliffs, stormy winds and the vibrant sea, a five person working group met in a beautiful small cottage on the island of Portland off the southern coast of England from Feb 1- 4th, 2008. The primary agenda was to prepare for the July NHE Futures

Conference in Ydrefors , Sweden . Among those present were: Kulapati (Chancellor) of AMGK, Dada Shambhushivananda; Varga Pratinidhii’s (Academic Advisors) from the Cakradhurii (Steering Body) of AMGK: Didi Anandarama, Ac Vishvamitra and Dada Vedaprajiananda; and the Director of the AMGK Global Liaison Office, Arete Brim. Many thanks to Linda Shannon and family for their very warm welcome to Portland and for all their help with preparations as well as hosting some of us in their home.

The themes for the three segments of the NHE Futures Conference were finalized. The first segment (July 12-14) will address, “How should Neohumanist Education respond to the current crisis of our times in all its aspects”. The second segment, July 16 -18th, will be the time for all interested in Neohumanist University to make a move towards activating various faculties of AMGK. This will pave the way for creating a vibrant Mahasamiti (Academic Council). Associated scholars and faculty members from different fields will be encouraged to form working cyber-groups. Administrative aspects of

AMGK will also be discussed at the July forum. The third segment, Yoga Educators Conference (July 20 – 25), is being organised this year by Ac. Vishvarupananda Avt., Varga Pratinidhii of AMGK and Ac. Shankarsananda Avt., current Vidya Pratinidhii (Faculty Representative) of the Faculty of Yoga and Intuitional Science.

All present endorsed the proposal that Didi Anandarama coordinate the preparation of a documentary book that will highlight the concepts and activities of active master units (service communities) in cooperation with all Master Unit related workers. AMGK is supposed to have a strong presence on every master unit in the form of “educational activities”. This publication will be something similar in style to the famous NHE Documentary Book coordinated by Didi and published by AMGK Publications a few years ago.

The group decided to prepare an updated version of the AMGK Guidebook, based on Shrii P. R. Sarkar’s guidelines, in order to provide to all necessary information related to AMGK. AMGK is inclusive and encourages the participation of all those who are seriously interested in the development of AMGK within the established guidelines.

The group addressed all ancillary organisational aspects of AMGK and departed with the hope that all bodies of AMGK will continue to strive towards the highest standard of functioning in all aspects and that Gurukula members will leave a legacy that will be cherished by all future generations.