CNS Sweden

Colorful Events, New Years 2008
Ydrefors, Sweden

One hundred eighty persons participated in the New Year’s Seminars and Celebrations. All the programs were held at the Gurukula newly renovated complex while 108 hours of Spiritual dancing (kiirtan) vibrated the entire Ydrefors.

  • Youth Yoga Class
  • Workshop by Hemavati on Sustainable projects and their funding
  • Microvita Workshop by Dr. Manohar
  • The Art of Teaching Yoga by Dada Vishvarupananda
  • Laughs at the Cultural Evening
  • NHE Workshop by Didi Ananda Tapomaya
  • Self Development II by Dada Lokeshananda



Upcoming Programme
Special Training Workshop for NGO Workers 
Ydrefors, Sweden, June 26-28th

This 18 hour workshop will introduce students to basic knowledge of social work, NGO management and economic liberation. It will be led by Dada Shiilabhadrananda and Mahadeva from Croatia. The first day will be a theoretical introduction of community organizing and social work practices in comparison with some basic PROUT elements. The second day will include training in NGO management. The third day will include training in economic liberation and methods of cooperating with social programs for local community development. For more information please write to: