Yoga Education for Children, Portugal

By Narayana
April, 2008

By Grace I came in contact with that which fulfills me completely – working with children! I found that they can receive ALL my Love – they know how to unconditionally receive It!
It is so gratifying

Recently we organised a full day program with Yoga class, lunch and treasure hunt in the forest.Here is a summary of the story we used.

There was a group of young children who loved to play near the forest. They used to often listen to the story of a treasure which was hidden in the forest. Nobody could ever find it! Nobody could even enter the forest for it was guarded by a big monster! “What does he look like?” children used to ask. But the answer was always a deep silence.

So the children went to ask all their neighbors (the Turtle, the Rabbit, the Snake, etc) advice about how to approach him. Then the night came. They lit a candle and slept….. and a fairy came to them. “If you want to pass the monster and enter the forest you have to make a present for him”. And so it was. They made him a present and entered the forest.

In the forest, after overcoming some obstacles, they came upon a Saint doing meditation near the cave. The Saint taught them meditation and gave them the clues to find the treasure. They were all so excited and happy when they found a “real Saint” there!!! The treasure was, of course, LOVE!

To see the children having fun and learning Yoga and Meditation is indeed a great blessing!

Regular weekly Yoga classes for children are being held by me in two schools, and several other holistic centers and children’s venues.Workshops on Yoga for parents and children are conducted on a regular basis in several places also.

In May I am to give a talk for about 150 parents in a public school. The talk will be given on the topic “Yoga for Children”.